Out There Films
I love movies, I make cinemagraphs, gifs and edits out of them, if this sounds like your cup of tea, please enjoy !

Since it’s for preservation purposes, I would try to go for diversity and maybe epitome of a certain style, I think. Although 5 doesn’t leave room for much, if any haha. In no particular order…

  1. The 400 Blows (french new wave)
  2. The Seven Samurai (asian cinema)
  3. Jaws/Star Wars (a great example of the blockbuster and all that has spawned from it)
  4. Gone with the Wind (Hollywood’s golden age)
  5. Fantasia/Spirited Away (animation) 

^^^ me as the aliens give me the power to choose what to save :)

Thanks. Yes, everything under the Cinemagraphs and Gifs links on my website is made by me. 

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